About Chaya Kozlovksy

Hi! I’m Chaya Kozlovksy and I love to draw life.
I was born in Yerushalayim, and even though I live today in Bet Shemesh, the Holy City occupies a very special place in my heart and that’s why you will find the Yerushalmim flavor in much of my artwork.
Ever since I was young I was always noticed the beauty in my surroundings, down to the smallest details, and was always in awe of the exquisiteness of G-d’s world.
Today, I am continuing to develop professionally by studying by well known artists and am constantly drawing and growing with my art. As well, I run an art studio in Bet Shemesh where I teach girls and women.

Each piece of my artwork has its own story, there are stories of happiness and stories of sadness. There are stories of serenity, of longing and of hope. And each of my drawings have a Jewish soul.
Each piece of artwork has its path, some were created quickly,
other’s – took much longer. Each and every one of them highlights the beauty in our world.
I invite you to enter my world. A world with Jerusalem’s flavor, with color and life and soul expression.
Through my unique art you can transfer your home in to a place of warmth and soul.

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