About Chaya Kozlovksy

“A painting can be created as a result of passion, tears or strong emotions”

Behind each painting there is a story: a story of joy, of serenity, of longing, of love, of passion.The paintings you will find here on the website are paintings with a lot of light, movement and song, which speak to the soul in an exciting and inspiring manner.

The paintings express a great deal of yearning for the Geulah and Yerushalayim from different viewpoints, by the use of many warm and vibrant colors, which are derived from stormy emotions together with faith and love.

Yerushalayim, where I grew up, is noticeable in most of my paintings. 

I’m Chaya. I’ve enjoyed painting life close to 20 years, a native of Yerushalayim, I live at present in Beit Shemesh while remaining connected to the Holy City with all my heart. Perhaps that is why you find the Yerushalayim flavor in most of my paintings…

After many years of non-stop painting, learning and taking advanced courses under well-known artists, I head a private studio in Beit Shemesh. The place is well equipped, pleasant and very inspiring, as I both paint and teach painting to women and girls.

My artworks have been displayed in various exhibitions, such as in the office of the State Comptroller, the Beit HaKnesset HaGadol, the Jerusalem Municipality, as well in permanent exhibitions such as the Hidur Gallery in Beit Shemesh and the Yotzrim Sviva Foundation. My creations can be purchased in a variety of mediums: original, prints, on perspexs, glass and others

 “Yet another person felt something move in his heart”

The beginning of my journey in the world of painting was rather boring; however, later on I made a sharp and dramatic turning point. Already at a young age I observed my surroundings and noticed the little details, marveling at the beauty of the Creation. I’ve loved to paint ever since I can remember myself, have been drawn to colors, paintbrushes and to all types of artistic creations.

One day, as a young child, I left school and noticed student artists who sat outside and drew a picture of my school building. At that moment I felt a strong itch in my hands, and I knew: I will get to that yet! One day I, also, will draw and paint. I stood hypnotized as I watched them and felt great pleasure. And, yes, in the course of time I learned and advanced professionally at/under excellent, professional teachers.

When I first began I painted in a style which was as realistic and exact as that of a photograph.

At times one had to come close in order to see if the painting was real or not! For two years I would be working on only one painting. The turning point happened when I came to learn with the legendary painter Ora Nissim in order to specialize and advance. Ora looked at my paintings and insisted that I have a lot of emotion which I don’t express. She encouraged me to create and to paint freely while listening to my inner emotional world. In the beginning it was difficult and I went through a long process, and certain changes in my life contributed to freedom and to the present style of my paintings.

Even now, before I begin a new painting I remind myself  not to relate to criticism, no to think about “what they will say”, and to paint what my soul requests now, and to express it. Without rules, without limits. These are the paintings which capture the heart of the viewer and grant him a strong emotional experience.

There are paintings whose journeys were long and there are those which were short, all of them which abundant love for the beauty in Creation.

I invite you to enter my world, a vibrant, warm Yerushalmi world with a lot of soul.

Each piece of my artwork has its own story, there are stories of happiness and stories of sadness. There are stories of serenity, of longing and of hope. And each of my drawings have a Jewish soul.
Each piece of artwork has its path, some were created quickly,
other’s – took much longer. Each and every one of them highlights the beauty in our world.
I invite you to enter my world. A world with Jerusalem’s flavor, with color and life and soul expression.
Through my unique art you can transfer your home in to a place of warmth and soul.

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