Many people are confused about prints, thinking that they are a cheap and simple product, or some sort of a professional imitation of the real thing– and perhaps it’s simply a printed page of some picture. Well the thing is this: it’s not.

While “print” is the official title for copies of the original painting, the copies are expedited on such a high level that it is almost impossible to discern the difference between the original painting and the print!

How is the printing process achieved? How is it possible to keep the authenticity and the  subtle touches of the color? And why are prints more worthwhile than originals? Here are all the answers to questions you may have asked:

Prints: how they are created

The first step is the scanning of the original picture. The scanning is done professionally by means of top standard specialized equipment. They grant the picture the necessary sharpness in order to provide for a result as close as possible to the original. 

Various mediums of the printing process

The prints can be printed on a wide variety of mediums: canvas fabric, glass, perspex (a plastic material similar to glass) and even aluminum.

The price of each printout varies from medium to medium and the final result also differs. A print of a more modern-style painting is usually done on glass without a frame. For a more specialized style the work is expedited on aluminum, and so on.

The addition of color to the prints

In order to give an especially authentic appearance as well the sense of a real painting, the recommendation is to add spots of color, as in the manner of mixed media. I go over the print with a layer of color, and create protrusions in central areas of in the painting in accordance with your preferences.

Why prints?

If you are interested in high quality art as befits your home then prints are the perfect solution! The option of a print allows you to purchase art products at an affordable price. The main advantage is to match the painting to the style you love!

The print option allows you, as clients, to choose both the size of the print (in accordance with the proportions of the painting, of course) as well as the medium upon which the painting will be printed, and in this way you can match the picture to the style of your choice. Do you love large pictures or do you prefer a set of miniatures? Are you interested in an elegant print mounted on glass or, perhaps, you want a print on canvas fabric in order to create the feeling of an original painting? With prints – almost everything is possible:)

It is also possible to take the print-painting and play with the different possibilities of print: for example, dividing the picture into 3 parts which complement each other, or playing with the different shades…

At the end of the day you will be the recipient of a quality art product suited exactly to your dream and to the place where you will hang the new painting.


Would you like me to add touch-ups to your chosen picture? Get in touch with me and we will find the perfect match for your picture:)

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