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Hi! I’m Chaya Kozlovksy and I love to paint life.
I was born in Yerushalayim, and even though I live today in Bet Shemesh, the Holy City occupies a very special place in my heart and that’s why you will find the Yerushalmim flavor in much of my artwork.
Ever since I was young I was always noticed the beauty in my surroundings, down to the smallest details, and was always in awe of the exquisiteness of G-d’s world.
Today, I am continuing to develop professionally by studying by well known artists and am constantly drawing and growing with my art. As well, I run an art studio in Bet Shemesh where I teach girls and women.



I am the owner of an art studio in Bet Shemesh with courses for girls and women.
My main message to my students is:
“Learn the rules of art and color well, but know when to break them and let emotions in.”



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